Maintaining relevance is the first step in maintaining membership. People will join your PTA if they find value in what you do. Likewise, current members will renew membership when that value is delivered.

​To this end, it is strongly encouraged that each PTA develops a member value proposition

to help determine what the value of membership is to each individual member. A well-defined member value proposition gives your PTA the ability to answer these questions effectively:

Why belong to this association?
What’s in it for me?
Who can I connect to here?

Oct 1:

Official enrollment totals are established by the School Board

Dec 15:

Early Bird Award for 100% Membership is determined

Mar 15:

Deadline for all other Membership Awards:  100%, Clubs, Largest Unit, etc.

Mar 15:

Purchase cards from the State Chair after this date.



  • Membership cards must be issued to every paying member.  
  • 30 Membership Cards must be purchased to be a "Unit in Good Standing".  If your PTA unit is not in "Good Standing", your students cannot participate in PTA Programs or apply for Scholarships.
  • Make checks payable to the Louisiana PTA
  • Check with your District Membership Chair for additional information & Instructions.


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