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Conventions and Conferences 2019-20

The following positions are open:
LA PTA State Treasure
A nominee for treasure shall have served on the Louisiana PTA board of directors or on a local unit or district board.

LA PTA State Secretary
A nominee for secretary shall have served on the Louisiana PTA board of directors or on a local unit or district board.

LA PTA State Vice President Programs
A nominee for third vice president shall have served on the Louisiana PTA board of directors or on a local unit or district board.

Basic requirements for all positions:
A. Each officer shall be a member of a local PTA chartered by the Louisiana PTA.
B. Officers are not eligible to serve more than two consecutive terms in the same office.
C. A person who has served in an office for more than one-half of a full term shall be deemed to have served a full term in such office.

An intent to run must be submitted to by March 15, 2020.


Nominiees for State Office 2021-23

LA PTA Family Focus Day 2020


Legislative Conference 2020

March 10-13

Alexandria, VA

LA PTA State Conference 2020

Voting on Bylaw Updates 

May 2, 2020

National PTA Convention 2020

June 18-21

Louisville, KY

Awards luncheons will be held in your the respective PTA District

If you have a question as to which luncheon you should attend please  fill out the form below:



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Louisiana State PTA Convention 2019/20

 Dear Members,
    Thank you for your continued support of PTA at your local, district, and state levels. Members of the LA State PTA met in December to discuss the future of LA State PTA. We noticed that our members enjoy being a part of their local PTAs and love spending time with their families. Last year we changed the way we do the State Children's Banquet, Awards Night, and our Educator of Distinction. From the response received the majority of our members approved of the new way of celebrating our members, their PTA's and families. This year we thought we would add a new twist and presented a Family Focus Day, however,  due to low response we decided to cancel it and focus our efforts on the two STEM & Families Science Festivals that LA State PTA is presenting with the grant we received from National PTA.  We hope you will join us at either and also apply for the grants that LA State PTA is offering for LegCon and National PTA.  Please note:  We will still have a mandatory Louisiana State PTA meeting in May to address business and bylaws.